Friday, June 15, 2007

A picnic for one

It is so blustery today!!!!!! I went out to visit the offices of Historic Scotland and the Royal Commission for Antiquities and Historic Monuments (or something close to that) this morning, no easy feat considering the extremely windy conditions. I am trying to secure a tour of the latter, and received a bunch of information for my class from the former! Here are some pretty purple flowers I spied along the way.

I have to go back to the Royal Commission, as the fellow I need to speak with was out for lunch. So, I headed back to my room at Turner House (part of Pollock Halls), wind in my face, and decided to have a picnic in my room. Caren (the photojournalism professor) and I purchased some great Scottish cheddar cheese at the local Mark and Spencer's store, buy one get one, so about $4 for two large wedges of the stuff (you can see it on the left in the photo). There is a small pantry with a dorm-sized fridge and microwave -- good for those of us on a budget! We also purchased difft. flavors of crackers, today I had the sesame, poppy, and pumpkin seed crackers, so tasty (and were really cheap at 49 pence a pack -- about $1)! I also cut up an apple I filched from the cafeteria...well I had all intentions of eating it at breakfast yesterday, but was too full by the end. Better than tossing it in the trash! Oh, I also made a cup of fair trade black tea with milk (no sugar -- didn't have any). The dorm supplies the tea, sugar, milk, and hot water pot (wish they would fit in our outlets, I would bring one of these little suckers home!) -- all the teas and sugar are fair trade. Scotland is much "greener" than the US, really nice! Lots of the thrift stores I went to yesterday sold fair trade jewelry and bags -- at very reasonable prices.

For dessert I finished off this package of Caramel Shortcakes (I opened this yesterday, so not all 5 -- couldn't do that in one sitting!).

These heavenly delights have a graham cracker crust, a thick bit of caramel, with a nice topping of fantastic chocolate. They are just as good, if not better than smore's, plus you don't need a fire to get them! The package cost me 50 p (p = pence, so about $1). They were great with my tea.

Of course, I am walking at least four times as much as I do at home, so I am not too concerned with burning the calories, and I don't eat desserts all day long! For breakfast I had some fantastic porridge (oatmeal) to which I added a cut up apple and some sugar (no cinnamon around these parts). I also had a croissant, not bad, with strawberry jam. I am taking a daily multivitamin, so no worries on being malnourished as a vegetarian abroad. Actually, this town is really veggie friendly. The campus pub has a nice selection of veg. options, all noted with a (v) next to them. Last night I had a bowl of Sweet Potato and Corn Chowder with crackers. Really good stuff!

Tonight I will probably buy a sandwich or something as I am going out with my friend Rebecca to see a band she really likes (and of course about 5 of her friends are coming, too, two of whom I have already met...really nice folks).

Well I am off to brave the cold and try back at the Royal commission!

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