Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day I really look like I belong here?

This morning we had our first breakfast experience in the dining hall. The plan is to eat as much breakfast as possible, so I can eat cheaply the rest of the day (bfast is included with the room). So, several courses were in order.

Course 1 -- Vegetarian haggis (spicy lentil mixture -- quite good); hashbrown potato triangle, wheat toast w/ blackberry jam; coffee
Course 2 -- bowl of plain yogurt with fresh raspberry puree and museli, 1 packet sugar, 1 cup coffee.
Course 3 -- there was no course 3! I was pretty full at this point.

At 10:00 am we took the class on a driving tour of the city, via a hired
coach. Our driver was not from Edinburgh and didn't really know his way around, but luckily, our on-site director does!

Some of the things we saw today:

Fun taxi in front of the bus.

It truly was just a box. Didn't see any police though!

The fantastic British phone booth, big enough for two!

The old, the new, and the bravehearted!

Cute little wedding cake bakery. Notice the upper left of the photo is an icing bag w/ tip and a drop of icing!

The title of my post refers to a question asked me today. A scotswoman stopped me as I was walking up Princes Street (in the busy downtown area) to inquire if Jenners was just up the way. I had to say I didn't know, but was flattered that she thought I looked like I would know such an answer! I don't even know what Jenners is, although I did spy it around the corner a few blocks down later!

I will put more pics. in the second post!

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