Monday, June 11, 2007

Here I go!

Well, I leave for the airport in less than two hours, and I still have a few errands to run!

I spent several hours packing yesterday, and this was after I spent two months collecting my stuff in a pile in the guest room! I must say, however, that I am ultra-pleased with the results. I borrowed the neighbor's scale to weigh my luggage, and they both come in under the weight limits for Ryanair -- which was my goal!

Here is what I put in my checked bag -- my backpacking sack -- that now weighs a total of 26 lbs! including the bag:

The green day bag has some stuff in it, and is inside the larger bag. Some of the toiletries are for my friend Rebecca, who lives in Edinburgh, and the rest will get used up while there, so no packing them back!

Here are the contents(minus my laptop and digital camera) of my carry-on.

I hope to add updates during my trip with pictures, so check back for more!

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