Thursday, August 03, 2006

Channeling my Inner Julia

My friend, KIG, gave me Baking with Julia a few years back as a gift. I have to admit, that when I first received it I wasn't sure I would ever use it. Julia Child....WOW! I have no where near her skills, and was just intimidated. So, here I am years later, thumbing through the book...I LOVE THIS BOOK! The picture are gorgeous and inspiring. I lay in bed at night and read it like a bedtime story.

Last weekend I decided that I would no longer fear such beauty, and such directions! I decided to make the vegetable galette for dinner, followed by a berry gallette for dessert. The Gallette dough recipe is enough for two gallettes, and this is the dinner menu that Julia Child suggests.

The savory gallette was made with tender baby crookneck squash, sweet Vidalia onions, a scattering of mozzarella, and topped with roughly chopped backyard-fresh tomatoes. The result....OUTSTANDING! My hubby kept singing the praises of the crust. The ONLY drawback was having to heat the oven up to make it.

The dessert gallette was a little trickier. I rolled the dough out too thin, so it was harder to work with, and I didn't put enough sugar on the berries -- raspberries leftover from my berry picking trip, and blackberries fresh my the farm of a friend's grandfather (the same friend that told me about the peaches). Here it is:

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