Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A great recipe for Spring's Fickle Ways

After a crazy week of intense spring weather (The Great Nashville Flood [the pic at right is the very small amount of standing water in our side/back yard - nothing compared to the north of us], near freezing temps, 80's during the day) and end-of-the-semester exams and general madness, we were all in need of some R&R. Friends of ours invited me to a casual spring dinner last week. I knew the hosts were grilling chicken and salmon (and this is the man that grills salmon so fantastically I actually crave it). I knew there would be ample dessert. I knew I had limited time as I was a single mommy for the week. What on Earth could I make? I knew where to turn for help -- enter Kickpleat over at Everybody Loves Sandwiches.
I did a little searching of her Recipes and decided to narrow it down to something with lentils. I had a package of pre-cooked Beluga lentils from Trader Joe's begging to be used up. I settled on this little number: Apple, Red Onion, and Lentil Salad. I did change it up just a wee bit -- for instance I used the black Beluga lentils, added a can of rinsed organic soybeans, and used green pepper. It was a hit at the dinner and made a ton. So much so that I had leftovers for lunch a couple of times this week. I topped with sliced avocado and feta -- Super Yum

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kickpleat said...

Ha, thanks for commenting, it's been ages!! That lentil salad recipe, I make it constantly (well, when I get ahold of good apples).