Thursday, July 13, 2006

Carrots, and chocolate, and buttercream...oh my!

It must be a birthday! Happy birthday to my honey! His favorite cake is carrot cake (sorry honey, as you know this is not even in my top 10 of cakes), and I had never made one until we started dating in 2000. So for this year's bday I resurrected the same recipe I used that year (a Cooking Light recipe), made a few minor substitutions, added chocolate chips, and topped it all off with a low(ish)-fat buttercream icing (no cream cheese in the house, and in no mood to run to the store). All in all, the layers came out very nice, and the cake was not bad. I liked it best on the first and second day. It dried out (even w/ layers of plastic wrap and toothpicks) and became rubbery at the same time as days passed. Well, that is what happens with low-fat cakes sometimes.

Here is a picture of the dinner we had: falafel burgers, cucumber raita, chopped fresh tomatoes, feta, and mediterranean couscous.


jenjen said...

This cake looks awesome! Well done!

kickpleat said...

your cake looks amazing! i love carrot cakes too but haven't had one in years. i like that you added chocolate chips in it as well! nice.

Anonymous said...

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